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Does Google have a sandbox?

Unless you’re new to the SEO world, you’ve probably heard people talking about the dreaded “Google Sandbox” causing their site to get poor rankings. Some people go so far as to say “all new sites must wait 6 months before being removed from Google’s sandbox”, while others adamantly deny the existence of any type of sandbox…..

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“Big Blue” Lives Up to its Name

When it comes to web hosting, “Big Blue” lives up to its name. IBM is a major player in the web hosting industry and has been achieving some significant customer wins. Some industry experts see large enterprise customers continuing to shift to firms like IBM, due in part, to their fiscal strength in an environment where hosting start-ups remain questionable for deploying business-critical applications…..

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Marking Your Spot in Cyberspace

Once the design pulls them in then they will be looking at your content to see if it interests them. It probably does as if it didn’t they likely wouldn’t have came to your website in the first place. Keeping your content updated will help keep their interest and will make them start clicking around your site. This is what you want them to do and is especially important if you have a store on your website. The longer they stay on your site the better chance you have of them engaging in on activities (such as a message board) or purchasing from your store…..

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