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E-books to the rescue

Ever wondered how technology has been escalating nowadays? Everything can be found with just a click of your finger! Learning is easy if you know how to make something out of your resources and exploit the discoveries of mankind. Learning is never difficult these days. You can learn just about anything with the click of your fingers. Learning also comes for free.

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Doing it yourself

Seeing websites online makes you wonder how these people, company and business go about having their own websites. The things that are put into these sites appear so complicated that you may think it takes a lot of time and knowledge to be able to go about having your own site.

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Postcards for your business

Want a new taste in your business strategy? Are you tired of the old means of connecting with your customers? Finally, a new advancement has come along and it has also been proven to be effective. The use of postcards is said to be productive in marketing. The use of postcards helps in keeping in touch with customers and clients. Mailing through internet mail has been the major way of communicating but postcard marketing is competing with it.

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How not to be ripped off by your website designer

As web designer my self, I have had the unfortunate luck of speaking to too many of my clients who have been ripped off by a web design somewhere along the line. Whether it be that the designer never really finished the website, took the deposit and was never heard from again, or finished the website with less than promised quality.

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Are web graphics stealing your money?

They might not be wearing a mask and carrying a gun, but if you’ve got images on your web pages then they could be costing you a lot more money than you think every time a visitor looks at one. That’s because image files are typically the biggest bandwidth user on any web page. Whenever a visitor’s browser is displaying an image on your site, it’s actually downloading that image to the local user’s hard drive. When anything gets downloaded, it uses bandwidth and bandwidth costs money. The moral of that story is: The bigger the image the more bandwidth it consumes.

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